Digitalization for Manufacturing


Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrated management of enterprise business process and data, including sales, inventory,  purchasing, production, accounting.


Human Capital Management

Manage your human resources more strategically, especially focusing on talent management to bring out the potential of resources.


Customer Relationship Management

Key theme for enterprise to build close relationship with customer through sales and service process management.


​Supply Relationship Management

Strategic procurement by building ideal relationships with suppliers for operations from design to purchasing and procurement.


​Supply Chain Planning

Manage planning works in the supply chain including supply and demand planning, demand planning, procurement planning.


Product Lifecycle Management


Manage information on design, manufacturing, procurement, services etc. related to products.


Machining Process Design​

Create NC program. Digital production preparation tool that helps improve machine tool accuracy and maximizes productivity.

NC Simulation

Machining Process Simulation

Digital production preparation tool to help the simulation for machining process and the optimization of NC program.

Building internal tool data platform is the starting point for optimizing machining operational processes.

Organize data files used in machining operations by job. Especially useful for repeat or similar part production and kaizen activities.


Manufacturing Execution System

Manage workers, products and equipment at the manufacturing site to link business management system and production equipment control system.


​Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Production Plan Simulator to coordinate business management data and manufacturing site actual data as control tower.


​Manufacturing Data Collection

Enable to collect manufacturing data from connected CNC machines, robots, PLCs etc. in real time, as DNC system.

Realize stable tool supply and reduction of extra inventory by grasping the in-house tool inventory, available, and ordered.

Visualize machining preparation work. Provides optimal tool loading to NC machine tools and realizes tool location and status

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Digitalization for Machining

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