Digitalization for Manufacturing 

Essential to design the digitalization from the enterprise-wide perspective to be Smart Manufacturing Enterprise.

IoT platform for manufacturing enterprise composed of edge systems, networks, and cloud systems with linking FA (OT) and IT.


​Platform as a Service

Build your own system without programming. Useful to apply to the area where currently uses Excel or manage manually.

Increasing data breach risk and factory shutdown risk with the use of IoT. Cyber security risk measures are mandatory.

Enterprise Design

 for Digitalization


​IoT Platform


​Security Solution


Enterprise Resource Planning

Integrated management of enterprise business process and data as the backbone, including sales, inventory,  purchasing, production, accounting.

Manage your human resources more strategically, especially focusing on talent management to bring out the potential of resources.

Key theme for enterprise to build close relationship with customer through sales and service process management.

Manage planning works in the supply chain including supply and demand planning, demand planning, procurement planning.

Production Plan Simulator to coordinate business management data and manufacturing site actual data as control tower.


Human Capital Management


Customer Relationship Management


​Supply Chain Planning


​Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Product Data



Manage information on design, manufacturing, procurement, services etc. related to products

Digital Mockup

Virtual Design Review​

Digital production preparation tool to conduct design review for verifying product feasibility on virtual environment.

Virtual Product


Digital production preparation tool to help the simulation for product assembly process and the output of animation, work procedure doc etc.

Virtual Production

Line Simulator

Digital production preparation tool to help the simulation for production line balance, factory layout, workability etc


Machining Simulator

​Digital production preparation tool to help the simulation for NC process and the optimization of NC program.

Manage workers, products and equipment at the manufacturing site to link business management system and production equipment control system. 

Useful for reducing to picking mistakes and human operational errors. Transform into digital stalls on cell production site.


​CNC Data Management

Not only manages your tools (in-out storage place, tool purchase, tool life etc), but also optimizes your CNC production process. 

Only installing the wireless unit on the signal light. Simply collect, display, and analyze equipment asset operation status.

Enable to collect manufacturing data from connected CNC machines, robots, PLCs etc. in real time, as DNC system.


Manufacturing Execution System


​Digital Picking System

Simple IoT

Equipment Operation Analysis


​Manufacturing Data Collection

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